Respectfully Displaying U.S. Flag

Flying the U.S. Flag is a great way to show your patriotism and love of country. Yet you may not be aware of the essential display etiquette that shows true respect to the U.S. Flag. Here are some key points to follow in properly displaying the Flag of the United States.

Outside Flag Poleflyingflag
When flying from a pole, the U.S. Flag should always be at the top and above any additional flags flown on the same pole. In a group of flagpoles with different flags, the U.S. Flag can fly taller or at least be equal with all other flags on the poles. Facing a row of flagpoles from the most viewed point, the Flag of the United States should be on the farthest left of all the flags.

On the occasions of flying at half-staff, the U.S. Flag is the upper most flag half way up the pole with the other flags below it.

If another flag, such as a state flag, accompanies the U.S. Flag on the same pole it is good etiquette to keep the U.S. Flag as the largest banner on that pole. For example, on a 20 foot or higher pole, your U.S. Flag could be 4’ X 6’ in dimension while the state flag below it would then be 3’ X 5’ in measurement. The U.S. Flag has the prominent position and size on that pole.

Flags of other sovereign nations should not be flown on the same pole as the U.S. Flag.

HouseMountUSFlagFrom a Wall Mount Staff
From a staff pole projecting from a wall, window, porch or entry way, the “union” of the U.S. Flag—the blue box of 50 stars—should be at the top of the staff or farthest from the mount. If the flag is to be flown at half-staff then it is OK to bring the flag in closer, or half-way along the staff pole.


Wall DisplayUSFlagWallHang
When displaying the Flag of the United States on a wall the flag should never hang low enough to be even close in touching the floor. Whether a U.S. Flag is displayed horizontally or vertically, the flag’s union of stars should be at the top to the flag’s right and observer’s left.

Church or Auditorium Stage Display
StageDisplayUSFlagWhether displaying from a staff or a from a floor pole, the U.S. Flag should hold a prominent position in view of the audience. The U.S. Flag should be on the audience’s left side as they face front (to the speaker’s right). Any other displayed flag should be placed on the audience’s right side.

If it is a ceremony that involves a row of flags in front on the audience, the U.S. Flag should be in the center and displayed as the tallest. This may necessitate putting the floor pole of the U.S. Flag on a short riser to provide the extra height.

To learn more about proper etiquette displaying the U.S. Flag contact us at Mr. Ed’s Flagpole Co. You can also visit these web sites:

National Flag Foundation

Regulations & Frequently Asked Questions

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