2013 Recognized Days for Flying U.S. Flag, Including at Half-Staff

The U.S. Flag may be displayed on any day of the year. Here are the days it is particularly appropriate to display the flag—including those days the U.S. Flag is flown at  half-staff.

Tuesday January 1st  -  New Year’s Day

Monday January 21st  -  Martin Luther King Day  (traditionally the 3rd Monday in January)
- Inauguration Day  (officially is January 20th.  Because that date is on a Sunday, the public inauguration ceremony this year will be held on Monday. Your choice to fly the flag on the 20th, 21st or both!)

Tuesday February 12th  -  Lincoln’s Birthday

Monday February 18th  -  President’s Day  (traditionally the 3rd Monday in February)

Sunday March 31st  -  Easter Sunday

Sunday May 12th  -  Mother’s Day  (traditionally the second Sunday in May)

Wednesday May 15th  –  Peace Officers Memorial Day  half-staff all day

Saturday May 18th  -  Armed Forces Day  (celebrated on the third Saturday in May)

Monday May 27th  -  Memorial Day  half-staff until Noon  (traditionally last Monday in May)

Friday June 14th  -  Flag Day  (commemorating the adoption of the U.S. Flag in 1777)

Sunday June 16th  -  Father’s Day  (traditionally the 3rd Sunday in June)

Thursday July 4th  -  Independence Day

Monday September 2nd  -  Labor Day  (traditionally the 1st Monday in September)

Wednesday September 11th  -  Patriot Day  half-staff all day

Tuesday September 17th  -  Constitution Day and Citizenship Day  (Constitution signed in 1787)

Sunday September 29th  -  Gold Star Mother’s Day  (traditionally the last Sunday in September)

Saturday October 5th  -  Firefighters Memorial Day  half-staff all day

Monday October 14th  -  Columbus Day  (traditionally the 2nd Monday in October)

Monday November 11th  -  Veterans Day

Thursday November 28th  -  Thanksgiving Day  (traditionally the 4th Thursday in November)

Saturday December 7th  -  Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day  half-staff all day

Wednesday December 25th  -  Christmas Day

Days recognizing individual military branches
Members of a particular branch of the military, or anyone wanting to honor that branch of service, may fly their U.S. Flag on that designated day. Three of the five branches of our U.S. military still have established days of recognition—as in Coast Guard Day, Navy Day and Marine Corps Day. However, there is confusion as to what days are recognized as an Army Day and Air Force Day. It seems that these branches once had their own individual days of recognition. However, on August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of an Armed Forces Day to replace the separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days. Armed Forces Day in the month of May was established as a single day celebration by the unification of the Armed Forces under the newly formed Department of Defense.

Here are the dates of those three branched still maintaining their own day of recognition:

Sunday August 4th  –  Coast Guard Day  (a set day commemorating the founding in 1790)

Sunday October 27th  -  Navy Day  (established in 1922 on birthday of Theodore Roosevelt)

Sunday November 10th  –  Marine Corps Day  (established in 1775)

Additional resources of information
Click on the links below
Wikipedia website – Flag of the United States

U.S. Army Insignia website – United States Flag Etiquette

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